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Part 1

 Grammar | to be

1. Choose the correct word or contraction.

1) He_________     from Russia.

2) You _________my friend.

3) We_________   sisters. We’re cousins.

4) Where_________they from?

5) Who_________she?

6) _________ they Polish?

7) What_________your phone number?

8) It_________a phone. It’s an iPod.

9) Sylvia and I_________married.  

10) Lenny is from the UK but I_________

2. Complete the dialogues with the correct form of the verb to be. Use contractions where possible.

1 A: Hello. Where are you from?

В: I (1)

from Spain.

A: (2) 

you from Madrid?

B: No, I (3) 


I (4) 

from Jerez.

2 A: Hello.  (5) 

you Mr and Mrs Ferdinand?

B: No, we (6) 

.  We (7) 

Mr and Mrs Mitchell.

A: Welcome to Hotel Franklin. Where (8)

your bags?

B: They (9) 

in the taxi.

3 A: (10) 

he your brother?

B: No, he (11)   

. He (12) 

my friend.

A: (13) 

he from the USA?

B: No, he (14) 

. His mother and father (15) 

from the USA, but he’s from Canada. 

3. Complete the sentences with the correct possessive adjective.

We’re from Germany but our parents are from Russia.

name is Steven Jones. He’s my cousin.

2 A: Hello. What’s


B: I’m Tara White.

3 I’m Olivia and this is

husband, Greg.

4 Charles and Eva are our friends.

daughter is called Debbie.

5 The restaurant is called Pisanello.

food is Italian.

6 Julia and

mother are in London.

7 My husband and I are in the Bergman Hotel. 

room is number 4-5-9.

4. Choose the correct word.

A: Who’s 

, in the photo. Is she (1) you/your sister?

B: No, she isn’t. She’s (2) 

friend, Ellie.

A: How old is (3) 


B: She’s 24. (4) 

brother is Max.

A: Max Langley?

B: Yes!

A: Max is in (5) 

English class.

B: Are Fitz and Marin in your class, too?

A: Yes, they are. (6) 


B: Are (7) 


A: Yes. (8) 

surname is Banica. Fitz and Marin Banica.

B: How old is Fitz?A: (9) 



Part 2


1. Write questions. Use the prompts.

(What/Kieran/favourite film?) What’s Kieran’s favourite film?

Position of adjectives

2. Choose the correct sentence.

√  a. My bike is very slow.   b. My bike very slow is.

this, that, these, those

3. Choose the correct word.

Those/This/These is my brother.

 l. Who are 

people opposite the restaurant?

2. How much is 


3. Is 

your camera?


are my favourite shops.

5. Oh no! Where is 

new book?

6. Can I have 

white bag, please? 

7. Are 

shoes from Italy?

There is/are

4. Complete the dialogues with the correct form of there is/are.

1.A: Good morning. Is there a bank near here?

B: Yes, (1)

. It’s on Paisley Street.

A: And (2) 

any museums near here?        

B: Yes, (3)


a small museum on Baker Street and (5) 

a big museum opposite the train station.

2. A: (6) 

any good restaurants near here?

B: Yes, (7) 

. (8) 

a good Japanese restaurant on Gatson Street and (9) 

two good Indian restaurants on Mile Road.

A: Great. And (10) 

a cashpoint in this hotel?

B: No, (11) 

. Sorry.

3. A: Good afternoon. (12) 

any supermarkets near here? 

B: No, (13) 


A: (14) 

a deli near here?

B: Yes, (15) 

. It’s next to the book shop.

some/a lot of/any

5. Read the dialogue. Choose the correct word or phrase.

A: Are there some/any nice cafes near here?

B: Yes, there are. There are (1) 

nice cafes on Broad Street, near the market, and there are (2)

lot of cafes in the centre of town.

A: And what about restaurants? Are there (3)

good French restaurants near here?"

B: There are (4)

good Chinese restaurants near the centre, but there aren’t (5) 

French restaurants near here.


Part 3

Past Simple

1. Write the Past Simple form of the verbs

Walk walked

1 work 

2 can

3 borrow

4 live

5 do

6 clean

7 change

8 bring

2. Complete the sentences with the Past Simple form of the verbs from the box.


wash say borrow come help get sell spend lend



Louise came home at 12 o’clock last night.

1. Mike

a new job as an engineer. 

2. I

all my money on shoes last week.

3. I asked for a three-week holiday but my  boss



4. My brother 

me with my homework yesterday evening.

5. Bruno

me €50 last week.

6. My father

his car on eBay.

7. I

5$ because I was broke.

8. Lucy

her father’s car this morning.

3. Complete the dialogues with the Past Simple form of the verbs in brackets.

A:  When did the match start? (start)

B:  It started at half past three.

1. A: What


for dinner? (have)

B: I

a salad. 

2. A: 


swimming? (go)

B: It was cold so we 

swimming. We

to the cinema.

3. A: What


in town? (buy)

B: I

some clothes.

4.  A:  


any photos of you? (take)

B: No, she

. She

some photos of Michael.

5. A: Where

Harry and Sally

? (meet)

B: They

at university.

6. A: Where


her? (see)

B: I

her in a café on Trenton Street.

7. Oscar

home at one o’clock this morning. (come)

B: Really? What time



 going to

4. Write sentences with the prompts and the correct form of going to.

Stefania/get married. Stefania’s going to get married.

l/not move/to another country. I’m not going to move to another country.

5. Write questions to find extra information.

They’re going to move to a new country. Which country are they going to move to?


Part 4


1) Choose the correct word and write in each sentence.


 in a school.

waiting for Jim outside the bank.

in a bank.

2)  Choose the best ending (a-h) for each sentence (1-8).

a) milked the cows;

b) sent the thief to prison;

c) gave Lisa some medicine for her sick cat;

d) brought Ann a drink on a tray;

e) repaired the table and chairs;

f) made Paul’s new suit;

g) repaired my car;

h) fixed the broken pipe in the bathroom.

3) Complete each sentence. Use a word from the box.













    • Sam’s new house was designed by a well-known architect. 

is enjoyable, until there is a war.

comes and cuts the grass.

and now plays in an orchestra.

and works at a university.

 in the play played the part of the King.

because he got seasick.

4)  Read these descriptions of jobs and complete the words.

1 My dad helps children learn things.                                        t e a c h e r 

 5)  Choose the most suitable word for each space.


My  sister has got a new (1) .A in a hospital. She's not a nurse

or a doctor. She (2)           in the kitchen, she’s a (3) ..... . She prepares

special food for the patients in the hospital.

She saw an (4)   in the paper, and wrote a letter telling them

about her work cooking for people in a vegetarian restaurant. She

has lots of (5)................................................................................ working in a kitchen. The hospital (6).................................................................................... asked

her to come for an (7)       They liked her very much, but before

they (8)........................................................................ her the job, they checked her (9)


She loves her new job and says that cooking for patients in a hospital is much better than working in a small (10)


Part 5

  1.     Read the text about Dale Carnegie and mark the statements (1-7) true (T) or false (F).
test_b    He was born Dale Carnagey in 1888 in Missouri. His family were poor farmers and after working on the family farm milking cows as a boy, he went to study at a teaching college. After leaving college his first real job was as a salesman selling bacon. He was very successful at this but he had always wanted to be an actor so he gave up his job and moved to New York to follow this dream. It was in New York that he started giving classes in public speaking. These classes soon became very popular and he began to make a lot of money. He also started writing about ways that people can improve their self-confidence. In the 1930s*his most famous book, How to Win Friends and influence People, was published. The book has sold more than 15 million copies worldwide. In it Carnegie describes ways to get people to do what you want them to do and how to deal with people so that they feel important. Carnegie died in 1955 but his books and ideas are still very popular today and people in seventy-five countries continue to do Carnegie courses.




* Все данные обрабатываются с учетом Положения о порядке обработки и обеспечении безопасности персональных данных.

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